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Finding Housing as an RSO in Austin

Image by Tomek Baginski

Finding suitable housing as a Registered Sex Offender (RSO) can be a major challenge, especially in a city like Austin Texas where the demand for housing is high. Many landlords and property managers are hesitant to rent to RSOs due to the stigma and discrimination that they often face. However, there is one organization in Austin that is dedicated to helping RSOs find community housing that provides accountability and support: Aspire Austin.

Aspire Austin is a non-profit organization that provides a range of services and resources to help RSOs rebuild their lives after prison. One of the key services that Aspire Austin provides is community housing. The organization offers a variety of community housing options for RSOs, including halfway houses, sober living houses, and shared housing arrangements.

One of the benefits of community housing is the sense of accountability and structure it provides. Aspire Austin's community housing options have strict rules and guidelines that residents are required to follow, which can be helpful when trying to rebuild your life after prison. The organization also provides support and resources such as job training, substance abuse treatment, and counseling to help residents reintegrate into their communities.

In addition to community housing, Aspire Austin also offers a number of other services and resources to help RSOs rebuild their lives. These include job training and placement, education and vocational training, and support groups and peer mentorship programs. The organization is committed to providing a holistic and comprehensive approach to helping RSOs rebuild their lives after prison.

Aspire Austin is the perfect solution for RSOs in Austin who are looking for community housing that provides accountability and support. The organization's wide range of services and resources can help RSOs transition back into society and rebuild their lives in a healthy and positive way. If you are an RSO in Austin looking for support and resources to help you rebuild your life, Aspire Austin is the organization to turn to.

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