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Our Mission
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Structure and Accountability

At Aspire Austin, our mission is to provide a structured, safe, and supportive community home for Registered Sex Offenders seeking a fresh start. We are committed to aiding in their reintegration into society with dignity and respect.

Our Approach

Our housing solution is a holistic approach to rehabilitation and reintegration. We emphasize structure, rules, and community living to foster personal growth, responsibility, and mutual support among residents.


Meet the Team

Founded in 2020, Aspire Austin was established to address the acute need for supportive housing for RSOs. Our founders recognized the challenges faced by this population in finding a stable environment to rebuild their lives. With a background in recovery and sober living, our team is uniquely equipped to provide the specialized support needed for successful reentry.

Rex | Founder

Rex Lewis' life has been marked by a pursuit of significance, which led him to found Aspire Austin. From a young age he faced adversity when his mother passed away from cancer and his father turned to alcohol. Despite early success in business, Rex battled alcoholism, reaching a breaking point during the 2008 financial crisis. Seeking recovery, he embraced service to others as a path to healing. He transitioned his properties into recovery homes and dedicated himself fully to aiding fellow addicts. He served over 1,000 individuals, but realized that those on the registry didn’t have a clear exit from prison.  Seeking a solution Aspire Austin was born.

Steven | House Manager

Steven is a Program Manager and Leader at Aspire. He is currently in recovery from substance use disorder and has over two years of time without the use of substances. Steven has experience in dealing with incarceration and reintegration personally. After his release from prison in 2015, he has since had many triumphs and tribulations. His ability to connect to individuals on a personal level based on past experiences has proven to be a great asset.

David | House Manager

David overcame a turbulent life marred by addiction, begining at 12 until his recovery at 48. From foster care to a trailer park, his journey included 87 brushes with the law and family estrangement. His redemption began in 2005 with court-ordered rehab and after embracing recovery he became a certified recovery coach helping thousands recover, from all kinds of addictions. David's raw authenticity resonates with residents, offering them hope amidst addiction's chaos.

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