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Ready to become a member?

$1150- Our Services

The services provided at aspire include 24/7 live-in staff, medication management, in-house recovery meetings, daily check-in and sign in, and extra accountability for someone who is making a fresh start

$850- Housing

Our two man, semi-private, rooms make for a comfortable and safe environment to transition. The neat and simple design give our members privacy, while also encouraging community.

Cost to live at Aspire



Learning how to cook, clean, and wake up on time are simple yet effective tools that set us up for success.  It is much easier when you have someone to go to, who has experience in rebuilding and finding serenity through the unpredictable ups and downs of life. 

24/7 STAFF

Our program has a staff member whose entire job is to make sure you or your family member is focusing 100% on recovery. Two live in house managers ensure that the house and its members operate at their peak. Support and accountability are both key components to success in recovery.


At Aspire, you will find:
Open Arms
Tough Love
Real Conversations
Supportive Community

Medication Management

Medication is stored in a double-locked medicine cabinet and is distributed daily. This ensures that all medication is not being abused and our clients can be healthy and productive.


Aspire Austin is a recovery home for Registered Sex Offenders (RSO) who are looking to better their life and their community.


At Aspire we help young men who are registered sex offenders recover, grow, and become model citizens.


Learn about some of the challenges of recovering offenders. 

Aspire Austin provides housing and support to individuals with sex-crime records who are trying to make a fresh start in life. Regardless of what you have done or where you have been, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to leave the past behind and aspire to a better future.


We recognize that for many, release from prison does not turn out to be the fresh start they had hoped. Re-entry to society is fraught with obstacles to include city and state ordinances that restrict where sex offenders are allowed to live. This makes finding a home and starting to build a more stable, productive life even more difficult.


Located in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, where job opportunities abound and the community of people in recovery from various life-controlling issues is strong, Aspire Austin offers a home, some help, and hope that life really can begin again. 


The bottom line, Registered Sex Offender Homes by Aspire is designed to improve the Central Texas communities and recovering offenders.  

Our Registered Sex Offender (RSO) Recovery Homes strive to improve our communities and enabled recovering Sex Offenders to reintegrate into society and make a positive impact.  

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