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Tenant Rules and Guidelines

Our foundation is built on respect, safety, and accountability. The following rules and guidelines are designed to ensure a harmonious living environment for all our residents and to foster a positive impact on the surrounding community.

  • Absolute prohibition on the use, possession, or distribution of drugs, alcohol, and any substance simulating the effects of illegal drugs.

  • Mandatory compliance with random drug/alcohol testing to ensure a substance-free environment.

  • Residents must attend a minimum of four recovery meetings per week. Meetings may be 12-Step based, faith-based, or any other type of nationally recognized recovery meeting. Residents are responsible for maintaining verifiable documentation and submitting that documentation at weekly house meetings.

  • Residents must be seeking employment or seeking school enrollment, within three days of move-in. Residents must furnish appropriate job, school or program information and schedules to the house manager.


Contact us to get the full list of rules and expectations.

For the full list of rules please contact us.

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