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Building a Safer Community

We understand and respect the concerns of our neighbors regarding the establishment of a community home for Registered Sex Offenders in the area. Our commitment goes beyond just providing housing; we are dedicated to enhancing the safety and well-being of the entire community.

Structured Living and Safety

Rigorous Screening

Our meticulous screening process ensures only the most suitable candidates are admitted into our community. This selective admission underscores our commitment to maintaining a safe, supportive, and harmonious environment for all residents and the surrounding community. Our thorough approach is designed to align with our high standards of conduct, responsibility, and mutual respect.


We prioritize the safety and well-being of both our residents and the surrounding community. Our home's require strict adherence to rules to foster a secure, structured environment. We aim not only to assist our residents in their personal growth and reintegration but also to contribute positively to the overall safety and harmony of the neighborhood.


We align our community standards with the terms of our tenants' parole, yet we take a step further by implementing stricter guidelines. This approach ensures not only compliance with legal requirements but also fosters a higher standard of accountability, discipline, and safety within our community. Our enhanced guidelines are designed to support our residents' successful reintegration while maintaining the utmost respect for the community's welfare.

Alex B. - Resident

"we're working to earn trust..."

"Before moving into Aspire Austin, I was acutely aware of the stigma my presence might bring to the neighborhood. I understood the concerns and fears because, in their shoes, I might feel the same. But what I found here was an opportunity not just for a fresh start for myself but to be part of a community effort to bridge gaps of understanding. Aspire Austin emphasizes the importance of being good neighbors, of contributing positively to the community, and of living with respect and accountability. We’re not just living in isolation; we’re working to earn trust and contribute to the safety and well-being of the area. To the neighbors who were apprehensive, I want to say thank you for the chance to prove that people can change and that we're committed to being a positive part of this community."

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