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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We recognize that whether you're a neighbor, a family member of a Registered Sex Offender (RSO), or an RSO yourself, you likely have questions about us and how we operate. Our goal is to provide clear helpful answers that address your questions and concerns. This page is designed to offer insights into our commitment to safety, rehabilitation, and community well-being. We encourage you to read through these FAQs and reach out to us if you need more information or have additional questions.

  • Aspire Austin is specifically designed for Registered Sex Offenders. Applicants are assessed on a case-by-case basis to ensure they align with our community's values and rules.

  • We provide a structured community home with a focus on rehabilitation and mutual support. Our residents benefit from an environment that emphasizes personal growth and accountability.

  • Our residents live in a large home in an upscale community. They share a room with one other person. Staff live on site and are highly involved in everyone's lives.

  • Yes, we have a set of rules designed to maintain a safe and productive environment. These include curfews, mandatory participation in house meetings, and adherence to parole requirements. You can download a list of rules available on our Rules page.

  • We offer various resources including job readiness training, financial management workshops, life skills development, and coaching. These are designed to aid our residents in their reintegration into society. See our Resource page for more.

  • You or a loved one must begin the process by contacting us. 

  • We understand the concerns of our neighbors. Detailed information about our structured approach and how we strive to contribute positively to the community is available on our Neighbors page.

  • Residents who do not have their own vehicles usually rely upon rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft to get around Austin.

  • The Austin area job market is booming, and jobs are plentiful, even for registered sex offenders. We are well-connected in the community, see our resources for jail to jobs and trade schools below. 

  • Restrictions on guests, especially of the opposite sex, to ensure the privacy and security of all residents.

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